Research Training Courses 2016

Courses marked with a green symbol () has an open application form or is a seminar serie that not requires an application.

Course noTitleTypeDatesLanguage
1Introduction to Doctoral StudiescompulsoryWeb-based, can be accessed anytimeen
2,1Introduction to Scientific ResearchcompulsoryWeek 3+4, 9+10+11 (Jan 18-29, + Feb 29-Mar 18)sv
2,2Introduction to Scientific ResearchcompulsoryWeek 33+34, 40+41+42 (Aug 15-26 + Oct 3-21)en
3,1Research Ethics and Philosophy of Science (2 credits)compulsoryWeek 10, March 7 to March 10en
3,2Research Ethics and Philosophy of Science (2 credits)compulsoryWeek 37, September 12 to September 15en
4Scientific PresentationcompulsoryWeek 49 (December 5-9)en
5.1Introduction to BiostatisticscompulsoryWeek 14-16en
5.2Introduction to BiostatisticscompulsoryWeek 41-43en
6.31Laboratory Animal Science for Researchers - Rodents and Lagomorphscompulsorycontinuous admissionen
6.32Laboratory Animal Science for Researcher – Fish method coursecontinuous admissionen
6.33Swedish Legislation, Ethics and Animal Use, (web-based)subject coursecontinuous admissionen
8SciLifeLab The Svedberg Seminar series at BMCseminar seriesEvery other Monday with spring semester starting January 25 at 15.15 and fall semester starting August 29. See for an updated schedule.en
9Research Seminars, Department of Medical Sciencesseminar seriesEvery Tuesday at 12.00 sv/en
10IMBIM Seminar Seriesseminar seriestwice/yearen
11Frontiers in Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicineseminar seriesThursdays at 11 am if not otherwise stateden
12Uppsala Pharmacometrics Summer Schoolmethod course2015-08-10-2015-08-21en
13Advanced Molecular Technology and Instrumentation for Proteome Analysesmethod course2016-08-29 to 2016-09-09en
14,1Introduction to Image Analysis Softwaremethod course23-27 May 2016en
14,2Introduction to Image Analysis and Software method course14-18 November 2016en
15Molecular epidemiologymethod courseOctober 31st - Nov 12th (2 weeks)en
16,1Methods for Cell Analysismethod course8-17 March 2017en
16,2Methods for Cell Analysismethod course05-14 October 2016en
17Regulatory RNAs in Development, Disease and Evolutionsubject course2016-10-10-2016-10-18en
20Drug Discovery and Preclinical Developmentmethod courseSpring 2016, Contact us for exact datessv/en
21Medical epidemiologymethod courseWeek 43; 24-28 October 2016en
22Vård, egenvård och psykologisk behandling med hjälp av internet och mobila mediasubject courseVecka 40-49sv/en
24Psychosocial aspects of sexual and reproductive health, 3.5 hpsubject coursesv/en
25Towards individualized cancer therapy (U-CAN)subject courseOct 24th - Oct 28th 2013en
26Human Cell Culture. Methods and Applicationsmethod course30 May - 3 Juneen
32,1Research Ethics for Science and Technology, 2 credit (nr 1 Spring semester)compulsorySee descriptionen
32,2Research Ethics for Science and Technology, 2 credit (nr 2 Spring semester)compulsorySee descriptionen
32,3Research Ethics for Science and Technology, 2 credit (nr 3 Spring semester)compulsorySee descriptionen
32,4Research Ethics for Science and Technology, 2 credit (nr 1 Autumn semester)compulsorySee descriptionsv
32,5Research Ethics for Science and Technology, 2 credit (nr 2 Autumn semester)compulsorySee descriptionen
32,6Research Ethics for Science and Technology, 2 credit (nr 3 Autumn semester)compulsorySee descriptionen
35Popular Science Writing Coursesubject course2016-04-07, 2016-05-02, 2016-05-31, 2016-06-16, 2016-07-07, 2016-08-26, 2016-09-09, 2016-09-23, 2016-10-07 Please note that dates could be flexible according to anyone's needs and schedulesen
41Hälsoekonomi och cancerpreventionsubject course11/10-14/10sv
42Cancer Metastases: Detection and Therapysubject course1/2 - 5/2sv