Towards individualized cancer therapy (U-CAN)

Subject course
Sara Ahlgren, Ulrika Segersten
Biomedical Radiation Sciences
The Rudbeck Laboratory
751 85, Uppsala
Oct 24th - Oct 28th 2013
The Rudbeck Laboratory
1 week, 1.5hp

The one week intensive course, "Towards individualized cancer therapy", is given for PhD-students, post-docs, researchers, research group leaders and senior scientists. The content of the course is to a large extent based on the topics of interest for the U-CAN research program. The content is a mixture of the international standing and recent progress in the field. Results from U-CAN studies are presented and discussed.

The following subjects will be adressed:
* Introduction: The need for individualized cancer therapy
* Tumor biological basis for individualized cancer therapy
* Current cancer therapy and therapeutic basis for individualized cancer therapy
* Methodological basis for individualized cancer therapy
* Principles for development and validation of predictive tests
* Principle aspects on implementation of individualized therapy
* Practical aspects on implementation of individualized therapy

The course is international with free access for interested persons. However, researchers involved in the U-CAN project are prioritized. The course is given with the requirement that a sufficient number of participants will attend.

At least 90% attendance is required to pass.

Handouts from lectures and seminars.

Invited experts on specific areas.

Sara Ahlgren
Institutionen för kemi - BMC
Box 579
75123 Uppsala

Ulrika Segersten
Institutionen för kirurgiska vetenskaper, Urologkirurgi
Akademiska sjukhuset, ing 70 1tr
751 85 UPPSALA

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