Introduction to Doctoral Studies

Gunnar Larfors MD, PhD, 070-2299786
Department of Medical Sciences
Akademiska sjukhuset, ing 40, 5 tr
Akademiska sjukhuset, 751 85 Uppsala
Web-based, can be accessed anytime
Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper, Medicin
2 days

Introductory course for PhD students of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculties of Uppsala University.

This web course gives a brief introduction to the organization of the faculties, strategies for study design, conduct and interpretation, grant applications, commercialization of research, and tips, rules and rights for PhD students.

This course should be taken as early as possible in a doctoral education. An UpUnet account is mandatory before applying to this course. Information about UpUnet accounts can be found on Those who are not conducting doctoral studies at Uppsala University do not need an UpUnet account. Access to the course will be granted a few weeks after applying to the course. Those who have UpUnet accounts will find the course on Those who will have had external accounts made will find the course on

Multiple choice questions.

Lecturers from the Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculties

Course leader:
Gunnar Larfors, MD, PhD
Dept of Medical Sciences
Uppsala University Hospital

Course administrator:
Birgitta Sembrant
Dept of Medical Sciences
Phone: 018-611 56 72
Fax: 018-611 56 50

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