Current Cell Biology and Diabetes

Subject course
Sebastian Barg
Dept of Medical Cell Biology
B3:1, BMC, Husargatan 3
Box 751, Husargatan 3, 751 23 Uppsala
Wednesdays 15.00-17.00 during semester
BMC, Uppsala
20 week 25% 7.5 c

Elective course in cell biological mechanisms related to diabetes and other human diseases (islet biology, including secretion, signaling and degeneration; mechanisms of insulin resistance and diabetes complications; genetics of diabetes; regenerative diabetes treatment; inflammation and angiogenesis). Students will develop skills in critical reading and presentation of relevant literature. Instruction consists of lectures by invited researchers and student seminars (" journal club"). The course provides a good opportunity to interact with prominent researchers in cell biology and diabetes research.

Selection procedure:
If there are more applicants than places on the course, the selection is made on the date of application.

After the course students are expected to
. have in depth knowledge about current cell biology research
. be able to read relevant scientific literature and critically summarize, discuss and interpret it
. have developed professional skills such as preparing and delivering oral presentations, actively participating in scientific discussions, identifying scientists who can be resources on topics of interest.

To pass, attendance at lectures, oral presentations at seminars, as well as active participation in the seminar discussion are required.

Sebastian Barg, PhD
Medical Cell Biology
Uppsala University
BMC 571
75123 Uppsala, Sweden
+46 18 4714660

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