Methods for Cell Analysis (MCA Autumn 18)

Method course
Dirk Pacholsky
Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology
BioVis Platform@ Rudbeck Lab, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 20
Rudbeck Laboratory, SE-751 85 Uppsala
10-19 October 2018
SciLife Lab Biovis facility, Dag Hammarskjölds väg 14 B, 3rd floor
8 days, 0930(0900)-1630

The Course Methods for Cell Analysis Course (MCA) is aimed at the postgraduate student, post-doc and even research engineer who wants to get an overview and in depth knowledge about the recent technologies on the field of Light Microscopy, Flow Cytometry . The course is based on a lecture series and practical hands on sessions. Lectures will cover e.g. theory (and practical know-how) about Fluorescence, its application in various light microscopy techniques as well as Flow Cytometry and Image Analysis. Electron microscopy and latest technical achievements like Super Resolution- and Lightsheet microscopy are covered as well. The Practical hands-on sessions part include resources found at BioVis : Laser Scanning and 2 Photon microscopy (incl. Spectral Imaging and Second Harmonic Generation Imaging), Lightsheet microscopy, Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting, Image Flow Cytometry, Image analysis with Cell Profiler and IMARIS. For more details see schedule found at
Our requirements have changed to an attendance of 100% including an presentation at the end of the course. Absence others than health reasons (e.g. lab meetings) results in charge of 1000 SEK.

Points will be granted at 100% attendance including a passed presentation.

The course will be run twice a year, spring and autumn.

Please see course description.

Please see course description.

The course is preceeding the BioVis Course "Introduction to Image Analysis Software"

Please see course description.

Course folder.

Dirk Pacholsky, Johan Brännström, Màtyàs Molnàr, Jeremy Adler, Carolina Wahlby, Hans Blom, Sylvie LeGuyder

Dirk Pacholsky
Biovis Platform, Uppsala University
Dag Hammarskjölds väg 20
Rudbeck Lab
751 85 Uppsala
070-167 93 38

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