Intellectual property rights and commercialization

Subject course
Uppsala University Innovation
March 6, 13 and 20, 2018
3 seminars, 9.15 am - 12.00

The course covers basic knowledge about intellectual property rights (IPR) and commercialization of research results. It will give you tools to find useful information from patents in your research area. The course includes three seminars given by the Swedish Patent and Registration Office (Patent & Registreringsverket, PRV) and UU Innovation.

Credits: 2 ECTS (hp) in your research education. The course is open for PhD students and employees.

Upon completion you should
- know the basic concepts and forms of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
- be able to find and evaluate technical information from patent literature within your research area
- understand how to identify and protect intellectual property (IP) assets generated in a project

Seminar 1: Basic knowledge about Intellectual Property Rights
This seminar will give you an introduction to IPR and how different aspects of IPR are relevant to academic research. There will be an overview of the international systems relevant for patents, trademarks, copyright and industrial design and a discussion on how to protect a product or idea using various types of IPR.

Seminar 2: Find useful information from patents within your research area
This seminar will give you insights into patent databases. You will learn how to search for patent information and extract relevant technical and legal information from the results. Bring your laptop. This seminar includes a practical search session.
Assignment 1, after Seminar 2
Select an appropriate database with patent content and conduct a search in your research area. Locate four relevant patents and/or patent applications. Prepare a ½ - 1 A4 page report which includes, for each patent/patent application:
• A correct reference to the patent/patent application.
• A list of any patent family members and their legal status (pending, abandoned, or granted).
• An indication of the extent to which subsequent patent documents cite the patent/patent application as prior art.
• A brief summary of the technical content in your own words.
The report should also indicate which database(s) you used to retrieve the information and a brief description of keywords/patent classification codes you used.

Note: If you have a research area where patents are of minor relevance contact the course responsible for guidance.

Seminar 3: Commercialization of research outcomes
This seminar will give an overview of different aspects of commercialization of research outcomes and show how an inventory of IP assets within a project can be performed. You will learn which kinds of support are available from UU Innovation for IPR and the commercialization process.

Assignment 2, after Seminar 3
Identify the different types of intellectual property that are created in your research project(s), how they could potentially create value and impact, and how you should or could protect the IP. This does not need to be detailed or include specific results/inventions. Rather you should be able to recognize the types of IP that can create value and assess the benefits and drawbacks of the associated IPR.

Discuss the result of your assignment in a brief meeting with advisors from UU Innovation shortly after Seminar 3. A schedule for these individual meetings will be organized during the course.

To pass the course you need to
- attend all three seminars
- complete a patent information search relating to your research area and your findings in a written report
- inventory the differsummarize ent types of IP assets in your research project and summarize orally

Examiner: Sebastian Barg, Inst. för medicinsk cellbiologi (

Will be provided prior to the second seminar and consists of selected patents and hand-outs related to the seminar presentations.

Olivia Tolan

Ulrika Gunnarsson

Sebastian Barg,

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