Methods in Metabolomics and Metabolism Analysis

Method course
Daniel Globisch
Division of Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry / Department of Medicinal Chemistry
Biomedical Center (B5:3)
Box 541, 751 23 Uppsala
April 16th-27th 2018, Week 16 and 17
BMC, B5:3 and A5:2
1 week on campus (lectures, seminars and practical laboratory work) and 1 week for a written assignment (3 credits).

The PhD course “Methods in Metabolomics and Metabolism Analysis” is aimed at providing Ph.D. students with knowledge and practical skills in small molecule/drug metabolism and metabolomics research. The course is anticipated for Ph.D. students with broad educational background. Students with a background in Natural Sciences (Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemical Biology, and Medical Sciences) and interest in metabolism and metabolomics-based research can participate in this course. This PhD course will focus on the qualitative and quantitative investigation of small molecule metabolites and/or drugs in complex biological matrices. The course aims at providing PhD students with detailed knowledge on sample preparation, sample separation as well as sample detection. Introduction to the statistical analysis of complex mass spectrometric data sets and correlation with biochemical and metabolic pathways will conclude the course to equip students with comprehension of the workflow in untargeted metabolomics research/projects and linked metabolism analysis for biomarker discovery application.

Students who accomplish this course will have detailed knowledge about analytical techniques for the investigation of small molecule metabolites and drugs in biological samples and common pitfalls related to analytical aspects of method development. Furthermore, students will gain knowledge on metabolic conversions of exogenous metabolites and be able to analyze the metabolic, catabolic and biochemical pathways of endogenous metabolites. Through coverage of cutting-edge technologies and methodologies in untargeted Metabolomics, Bioanalysis, Chemical Biology, (Bio)analytical Chemistry, and Biomarker Discovery in comprehensive seminars and lectures, students will learn about most recent developments and advances in these research fields. Besides these seminars and lectures, participating students will be introduced into sample preparation, sample separation, and sample analysis. The practical part of the course will introduce participants to detailed quantitative and qualitative analysis of selected metabolite classes.

The course will be build up by:

• Lectures on small molecule metabolism, general metabolomics-based research, qualitative and quantitative analysis of small molecules, and biomarker discovery.
• Seminars on the analysis of biological samples and metabolism analysis.
• Practical laboratory course with examples on sample preparation, sample separation, sample analysis, and metabolomics-based data evaluation.

Full-time attendance of the course and completed written assignments.

The literature (including reviews, scientific publications, and laboratory manuals) will be provided to every participant prior to the course start.

Experts in the research field from the Division of Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry, the Medical Product Agency and the National Veterinary Institute (SVA) will give lectures, interactive seminars and guidance for practical laboratory work:

Associate Prof. Daniel Globisch
Prof. Curt Pettersson
Dr. Jakob Haglöf
Dr. Mikael Engskog
Dr. Ylva Hedeland
Adjunct Prof. Mikael Hedeland (SVA)
Adjunct Prof. Torbjörn Arvidsson (Medical Product Agency)
PhD students will assist with the practical laboratory course

Associate Prof. Daniel Globisch
Div. Analytical Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Dept. Medicinal Chemistry
Biomedical Center (B5:3)
Tel: 018-471-4287

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