Biostatistics with special emphasis on clinical trials

Method course
Håkan Melhus, professor
Department of Medical Sciences
Akademiska sjukhuset, ing 61
Akademiska sjukhuset, 751 85 Uppsala
The course can be started any time during the semester, but only during the normal spring and autumn term times
This is a web-based course. All lectures are given on the internet.
2 weeks (minimum)

The course language is Swedish.

The aim for this course is to give the student a broad understanding of the statistics used within the biomedical field. It is specially recommended for students who are at the beginning of their research career. The course has an emphasis on clinical trials, but the material is valid for all medical research.

Students will be charged 5.900:-

1 examination per term: in January for the fall term, in June for the spring term

Associate Professor Johan Bring, Statisticon AB, Uppsala

Kristin Bryon
Institutionen för medicinska vetenskaper
tel: 018-6114240

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