Advanced Electron Microscopy Course

Method course
Klaus Leifer
Week 9 and 11, starts 2014-02-24

Wake the curiosity to observe and analyse materials (both biological samples and hard materials) at atomic and even single atom scale or revealing the nanoscopic building blocks and the wish to relate this knowledge to our macroscopic materials properties.
1) Develop skill to evaluate the impact of nano- and atomic level characterization and structuring on development of novel materials and biological samples. 2) Understanding of basic principles of electron/ion-matter interaction. 3) Methods in electron microscopy and focused ion beam technique hard materials, biological samples and soft materials.
The course addresses PhD students from Chemistry, Physics and Engineering department, Biology and Medicine and is cross disciplinary. The inclusion of topics on electron microscopy on soft and hard matter gives insight for students with a materials’ science background in characterisation methods of biological materials and vice-versa. The cross-disciplinary aspect are highly important for our PhD students.

In this course we will teach the methodology that is needed to use electron microscopes and focused ion beams for characterization of materials and to make an active contribution to the development of modern materials and problems from biology. The course contains the following parts: 1) Electron microscopy techniques, their basis and electron-sample interaction. 2) We will illustrate the use of electron microscopy with the corresponding applications in materials science, physics, chemistry and biology. 3) Methods of sample preparation for soft and hard matter. 4) The focused ion beam device is presented with its capacity sputter samples with a nanometer precision as well as to use it for a local TEM sample lift-out. 5) The students will be confronted to selected problems/techniques in the laboratory course sessions. The course will be evaluated by assigments that are related to course contents as well as by a final oral exam. We build a special tutorial program to improve the student centered learning and group work.

oral exam and written assignments

WIlliams, Carter: Transmission electron microscopy;
Goldstein: Scanning Electron Microscopy

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