Introduction to genetics

Subject course
Erika Comasco
Department of Neuroscience
BMC; B1:2
Box 593, SE-75124 Uppsala
Oct-Nov (to be defined soon)
10 times (10,14,17,21,24,28,31/10; 4,7, 11/11)

A course for PhD students, psychologists, clinicians, clinical investigators, nurses, and other clinical research staff with no previous knowledge that wish to know more about basic concepts in genetics.

At the end of the course the students shall have acquired a basic theoretical knowledge of genetics, terminology and techniques used in genetics.

Review of fundamental language and concepts including DNA anatomy, DNA replication and transcription, and cell and genome organization; fundamentals of Mendelian principles, population genetics; fundamentals of genotyping and sequencing techniques; genotype-phenotype correlations; lab session (DNA isolation and PCR); ethics in genetics

The course will be given in English. Attendance is mandatory, if the student is absent from one session, he or she will be asked to compensate the absence with a written essay to questions concerning the session.

Participation in group-discussions during the course, and oral presentation of one article on genetics during the last lecture.

Peer-reviewed articles

Erika Comasco

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