An introduction to R - applications to pharmacometrics

Method course
Benjamin Guiastrennec
Pharmaceutical Biosciences
Husargatan 3
Box 591, 751 24 Uppsala
March 17-21
BMC, A3:3
5 days

Introductory course in the statistical computer language R

Lectures and hands-on exercises for 3 days on the topics: data management and plotting with the three different packages base, lattice and ggplot.

Last two days of the course will be focused on project assignments, where you have the opportunity to work with your own data under guidance of tutors.

Full-time attendance of the course for 0.8 hp
Full-time attendance of the course and pass on assigned project for 1.5 hp.

Handouts from lectures

Benjamin Guiastrennec
Maria Kjellsson
et al

Benjamin Guiastrennec

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