Introduction to Scientific Research

Prof. Ulf Eriksson, Assoc. Prof. Kathinka Evers, Assoc. Prof. Gunnar Larfors
Department of Medical Cell Biology
BMC, Husargatan 3
Box 571, 751 23 Uppsala
Week 3+4, 9+10+11
BMC C2:305 + group / computer rooms
5 weeks of full time work.

Integrated introductory course containing general and specific information on research studies, biostatistics, philosophy of science, research ethics, and scientific presentation.

The aim is to provide the student with a broad basic knowledge (understanding and skill) of some fundamental elements involved in graduate studies and scientific work at the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy, Uppsala University.

The course will be given as lectures on general topics, work shops and as daily group discussions focussing on ethical, statistical and scientific problems. In addition, the students will prepare and present scientific tasks for the whole course audience, thereby initiating general discussions of various aspects of research work.

The language of this course is SWEDISH.

In order to be eligible for the course, you need to have finished the web based course "Introduction to Doctoral Studies".

The ISR course may be chosen instead of the compulsory courses 3-5.

Please note that even if you previously have done courses or obtained knowledge corresponding to any of the different subjects of ISR: (Research Ethics and Philosophy of Science, Scientific Presentation, and Introduction to Biostatistics), you still need to participate full time to pass the ISR course. The different subjects are integrated and cannot be separated.
If you already have obtained such knowledge as mentioned above, you may apply for an exemption and instead of ISR, take the shorter obligatory courses that cover the subject(s) that you need.

In order to meet the course requirements you are expected to be present at all scheduled lectures, group discussions, and to actively participate in the presentations and the subsequent general discussions. Attendance is MANDATORY and unauthorized absence from any of the scheduled events will lead to failure to pass the course.

In previous courses, statistics has proven to be a hurdle to some students.
Therefore, if your previous statistical training was some time ago, you are strongly recommended to obtain the course literature: Bring J & Taube A: INTRODUKTION TILL MEDICINSK STATISTIK. Studentlitteratur 2006.

Anders Boulogner, Anders Ekbom, Kathinka Evers, Stefan Eriksson, Ulf Eriksson, Mats G. Hansson, Lars von Knorring, Christer Lagvik, Gunnar Larfors, Jan Larsson, Peter Lind, Sue Pajuluoma, Martin Simán, Åsa Vernby and others.

Björn Åkerblom
Course Administrator
Department of Medical Cell Biology
Box 571, Husargatan 3
SE-751 23 Uppsala

Phone: 018-471 4412,

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