Personalities in animals and humans – The importance of studying individual differences

Subject course
Erika Roman
Pharmaceutical Biosciences
BMC, Husargatan 3
Box 591, 751 24 Uppsala
To be announced
One week

The course will focus on personalities in animals and humans, which is a dynamic research area. We aim to include preclinical as well as clinical perspectives. The course will give an introduction to behavioral studies, the use of laboratory animals including rodents and fish, personality theories in humans, assessment of personality in humans and the role of personalities and individual differences in psychiatric disorders. The overall theme will be on “personality traits” (coping styles, behavioral syndromes, the shy/bold concept….) and the relations to stress and stress-coping mechanisms.
We welcome students from a broad background in preclinical or clinical behavioral studies with an interest in “personality traits” and individual differences.

Erika Roman, Svante Winberg and invited national and international experts.

Associate professor Erika Roman,
Professor Svante Winberg,

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