SciLifeLab The Svedberg Seminar series at BMC

Seminar series
Application is not required for seminar series
Aristidis Moustakas
SciLifeLab, Uppsala Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology
Husargatan 3
751 23 Uppsala
Mondays 15.15
60 min lecture, 45 lectures per year

Original research seminars given by leading scientists from Sweden and world-wide. Open question-discussion session in the end of each lecture.

All researchers and students interested in the field of life science are welcome to attend and to discuss.

By attending 10 seminars during one semester, 2 credits are achieved.

You register to the course by filling in the attendance list at the seminar.

For an updated schedule, please visit

Invited seminar speakers

Heidi T Persson, project coordinator
Box 3037
750 03 UPPSALA
Tel: 070 167 91 36


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