Research Ethics (B) for Natural Science, 1 credit (nr 1 Spring Semester)

Method course
Stefan Eriksson
Department of Public Health and Caring Science
BMC, Husargatan 3
Box 564, 751 22 Uppsala
The course is coordinated in appropriate parts of the course Research Ethics for Science and Technology
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5 weeks, two hours/week

Selection procedure

Only students that have passed the course Research Ethics A can apply. These students are also guarranteed a place on the course.


  • Tuesday 12/2 10:15-12:00

  • Tuesday 19/2 10:15-12:00

  • Tuesday 26/2 10:15-12:00

  • Friday 1/3 10:15-12:00

  • Friday 8/3 10:15-12:00
  • Goals

    The course will give the students a knowledge about research ethical problems that occur in the natural sciences. The course also aims at improving the student’s capacity to reflect on his or her own preconceptions and values in regard to research ethical problems and the student’s ability to mobilise a sense of responsibility when faced with research ethical problems.

    After completing the course, the student is expected to be able to:
    -Present different research ethical positions
    -Identify research ethical problems in their own research
    -Relate their own research to research ethical positions presented in the course
    -Write a report on a research ethical dilemma with the ethical problem explicitly integrated in the presentation
    -Present the rules and guidelines that regulate the students field of research and point to where these can be studied.

    The course is aimed at graduate students (PhD students) in the faculty of science and technology. The course presents different moral philosophies and philosophies of science that are relevant for research ethics. The course deals with different roles in the scientific community and science’s place in the society that surrounds it.

    The course consists of lectures and seminars.

    Course description and literature
    See description for Research Ethics for Science and Technology, 2 credit

    The examination consists of a paper and active participation in seminars.

    Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB)
    Calle Martinsson
    BMC, Box 564, 751 22 Uppsala
    Phone:018 471 66 84

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