Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic modeling in Oncology

Subject course
Lena Friberg
Pharmaceutical Biosciences
BMC, Husargatan 3, B7 Level 4
Box 591, 75124 Uppsala
29 September - 3 October, 2014
5 days full time (1 week)

The course will consist of lectures and hands-on exercises. The topics will include an introduction to the oncology field, treatments, and measurements used to evaluate drug effects and characterize side-effects. The focus will be on PKPD-models and their potential to be applied in drug development for improved understanding, translation and efficient trial design.

A basic understanding of the underlying mechanisms, time-courses of disease development, and effects of treatments in oncology.
To gain knowledge and understanding of a range of PKPD models used in the area of oncology.
To apply PKPD models describing change in tumor size, survival and side-effects that are of value for drug development.

Mechanisms and treatments of different tumor types will be covered. Tumor size measurements and biomarkers that are used to evaluate drug treatment will be discussed.
Common mathematical models and computational methods used to describe the data arising from in vitro, animal and clinical studies will be discussed. The focus will be on non-linear mixed effects models.
The potential for application of model-based drug development in oncology will be illustrated.
The simulation software Berkeley Madonna and the non-linear mixed effects program NONMEM will be used for hands-on exercises.

Active participation during lectures and hands on exercises and approved assignment

Course material will be handed out at the course.

Lena Friberg
Mats Karlsson
Brendan Bender
Emilie Schindler
Ida Netterberg

Lena Friberg

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