An introduction to medical statistics in SPSS, 1,5 hp

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Max participants20
Application deadline2022-09-05
Course leaderPhilippe Wagner
DepartmentCenter for clinical research, Västerås
Visiting addressEntrance 29, Västerås hospital
Post address721 89 Västerås
Dates2022-10-03 - 2022-10-07
LocationCenter for clinical research, Västerås
Course length5 days
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The aim of the course is, by means of SPSS, to introduce the participants to 1) basic statistics, such as descriptive statistics and simple hypothesis testing, and 2) how more advanced hypothesis testing within biostatistics is performed. The course introduces different functions in SPSS and how they can be used to handle and process quantitative data sets. The participants learn how to navigate through the user interface and will be introduced to syntax programming.

Learning outcomes

After completing the course, the student should be able to perform both simple data analysis as well as more advanced hypothesis testing using SPSS and understand the results from the testing.


Using SPSS to generate descriptive statistics, central tendency, variability, and simple graphs. Planning and conducting hypothesis tests (t-test, One-way ANOVA and Kruskal-Wallis, linear regression, logistic regression, survival analysis, and Cox regression). Introduction to syntax programming.


The course consists of four and a half days of teaching in combination with practical exercises. The participants need a laptop computer with SPSS installed. During the last day of the course the participants will receive an examination based on the different analyses taught during the course.
The course will be held at the Centre for clinical research, Västerås Hospital. If needed, the course will be given through Zoom.


To receive the grade “passed” the student must be present at all lectures and computer exercises, including the final exam.


Articles will be handed out prior to course start.

Teaching staff

Philippe Wagner, med dr. – Centrum för klinisk forskning Västerås, Region Västmanland
Simon Liljeström, F.D. – Centrum för klinisk forskning Västerås, Region Västmanland
Mattias Rehn – Centrum för klinisk forskning Västerås, Region Västmanland
Tony Wiklund – Centrum för klinisk forskning Västerås, Region Västmanland
Nina Landin – Centrum för klinisk forskning Västerås, Region Västmanland

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Philippe Wagner

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