Scientific Presentation, 2,5 hp

Course number4:1
Max participants40
Application deadline2022-03-28
Course leaderLaia Caja Puigsubirà; Ingvar Ferby
DepartmentDepartment of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology, Uppsala University
Visiting addressBMC, Husargatan 3
Post addressBox 571, 751 23 Uppsala
DatesWeek 18 (May 2-6)
LocationBMC, C8:305
Course length5 full days
Course report 
Course planCourse plan 



Lectures/work shops covering presentation techniques, (written, oral and poster presentation), Editorial manuscript handling, English language rules, and Electronic publication.

Learning outcomes

The aim is to provide the student with a broad basic knowledge (understanding and skill) of some fundamental elements of presenting scientific work.


The course will be given as lectures on general topics, work shops and as daily group discussions focussing on scientific problems. In addition, the students will prepare and present scientific tasks for the whole course audience, thereby initiating general discussions of various aspects of research work.


The language of this course is ENGLISH.

In order to be eligible for the course, you need to be admitted to postgraduate studies, and to have finished the web based course "Introduction to Doctoral Studies", before the course start.

Please note: you may apply to the course before you have become admitted to postgraduate studies, and before you have finished the web based course "Introduction to Doctoral Studies". However, applicants to the course are ranked based on their date of admittance to postgraduate studies according to Uppdok (Ladok).

Admission notification will come 1-2 weeks after the application deadline, by e-mail.


In order to meet the course requirements the student is expected to be present at ALL scheduled lectures, group discussions, and to actively participate in the presentations and the subsequent general discussions. Attendance is MANDATORY and unauthorized absence from any of the scheduled events will lead to failure to pass the course.



Teaching staff

Ulf Eriksson, Gregory Garretson, Sue Pajuluoma, Laia Caja, Josepine Fernow, Anna Holm, Eva Garmendia

More information

Laia Caja Puigsubirà
Course Administrator
Department of Medical Biochemistry and Microbiology
Box 582, Husargatan 3
SE-751 23 Uppsala

Phone: 0734697202

Message about admission to the course will be sent out by e-mail 1-2 weeks after the application deadline.

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