Introduction to Epidemiology , 1.5 hp

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Max participants25
Application deadline2022-01-28
Course leaderDr Hannah Brooke
DepartmentDepartment of Surgical Sciences
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DatesWeek 20 (16th-20th May 2022)
LocationUppsala University
Course length1week full-time (5 days)
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This course will provide an introduction to epidemiological theory and the opportunity to apply this theory during in class exercises and group assignments. The course will offer a basic introduction to epidemiological study design, commonly used measure of disease occurrence and association, terminology related to statistical modelling in epidemiological studies, and concepts of bias, confounding, effect modification and causality.

This course provides a solid foundation from which students can confidently progress to the course in Medical Epidemiology, which provides education in epidemiological methods at an intermediate and advanced level.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course students should be able to:
1. Explain what epidemiology is and why it is important
2. Understand and identify different types of epidemiological study design and give examples of their strengths and weaknesses
3. Define and apply measures of disease occurrence commonly used in epidemiology
4. Outline and interpret measures of association commonly used in epidemiology
5. Describe and interpret common terms related to statistical modelling in epidemiology
6. Discuss bias, confounding, effect modification and causality in relation to epidemiological studies
7. Apply epidemiological knowledge to critically review scientific literature and develop research proposals using case-control and cohort study designs


The course requires active participation from students


Please write your application in English and
1) state any previous courses relating to Epidemiology that you have attended (if none, please state 'I have not previously attended any courses in epidemiology').
2) justify why you require an introductory level course in epidemiology.
3) provide information about the type of study design and data sources you are using in your PhD projects.

Applications that are missing this information will be evaluated behind complete applications.

This course is usually oversubscribed and thus we will give priority for admission to students who require training in epidemiology but have not previously received it.

You will be informed if you have been accepted onto the course by the end of February 2022.

The finalized course schedule and practical arrangements for the course will be shared approximately 2 weeks before the start of the course


Oral examination of group assignments


Course literature: Rothman KJ. Epidemiology: An Introduction. 2nd ed. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press; 2012.

Teaching staff

Dr Hannah L Brooke,
Dr Shafqat Ahmad,
Dr Beatrice Kennedy

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Dr Hannah L Brooke,

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