Immuno-oncology and tumor microenvironment, 1,5 hp

Subject course
Sara Mangsbo, Gustav Ullenhag, Ingrid Glimelius
Dept Pharmaceutical biosciences
Uppsala University
751 85 Uppsala
Week 39, 2021
Rudbeck laboratory
5 days

The course targets the immuno-oncology field and the tumor micro-environment.

The course will combine lectures, seminars along with a group work during 5 Days.

This course is for PhD students (nurses, pharmaceutist, MDs). It should give you a basic immunology with a translational focus.

After the course you should have learned:

to examplify different types of immuno-oncology drugs used in the clinic today and that are developed in the preclinic

-illustrate and clarify how different immunotherapies work biologically

-Understand side-effects of immuno-oncology drugs and understand how to tackle these side-effects

-understand how the micro-environment in the tumor affects how a patient respond to therapy

-understand the design and pitfalls of immunotherapy trials

The course should give students an understanding of immuno-oncology development and clinical use. It is meant to increase the understanding of what immuno-oncology drugs that are used today, and how non-classical immuno-oncology drugs can affect the immune system to trigger anti-tumor responses. It will also present drug development Projects that are not in clinical use but in preclinical and clinical testing. The mechanism behinds the therapeutic effect of immuno-oncology drugs will also be discussed and along side that, what adverse eventes that can be triggered by these drugs and how to handle those side effects.

The course is for PhD student within pharmacy and medicin with a focus on oncology, but also technology oriented students can find it of interest, even if it is medical oriented.

Examination consists of performing and presenting a group work task. Grading: Pass/not passed.

Hand-outs and publications

Gunilla Enblad
Magnus Essand
Ingrid Glimelius
Tanja Lövgren
Sara Mangsbo
Patrick Micke
Gustav Ullenhag
Yumeng Mao

Sara Mangsbo

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