Medical epidemiology, 1,5 hp

Method course
Liisa Byberg
Department of Surgical Sciences
Epihubben, MTC-huset, 751 85 Uppsala
Week 43; 25-29 October 2021
5 full days

NOTE THAT THE COURSE WILL BE GIVEN IN SWEDISH IN 2021. The course will be given online in 2021. The course will be given in English in 2022.

The course Medical Epidemiology is given at an intermediate to advanced level. Having basic knowledge of epidemiological methods before taking this course will improve your learning outcomes.

We therefore recommend students to first take the course Introduction to Epidemiology ( or similar courses (or that you have worked with epidemiology and acquired corresponding knowledge) before taking this course.

By the end of this course, the student should know how to design, analyze and report an epidemiological study.

The course aims to give a broad methodological background on methods in epidemiology at an intermediate to advanced level.

Topics covered:
- design of epidemiological studies
- information bias
- selection bias
- confounding and selection of confounders
- interaction
- critical evaluation of results
- possibilities and caveats of epidemiology

We recommend that you have acquired basic knowledge in epidemiology before taking this course.

The course design will require active participation from the students. Discussions will be based on published articles.

The Examination task is performed and presented during the last day.

The course merits 1,5 hp.

Course literature:
Epidemiology, an introduction by Kenneth J Rothman

Karl Michaëlsson, Liisa Byberg, Lars Holmberg, Tove Fall

Tel: 070-1679400

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