Research Ethics and Philosophy of Science (3 credits), 3 hp

Stefan Eriksson
Department of Public Health and Caring Science
BMC, Husargatan 3, Uppsala
Box 564, 751 22 Uppsala
Week 4
Will be announced later on
5 days, full time

Registered for graduate studies on the Medicine and Pharmacy disciplinary domain at Uppsala University

Selection procedure

If there are more applicants than places on the course, the selection is made on the date of application. Exceptions to this selection is given to applicants who will defend their doctoral thesis within one year from the application deadline. These applicants will be given priority.

Note the importance of specifying planned date for public defence in your application

(1) To be informed about:

• different philosophical presuppositions in scientific research
• ethical guidelines for research
• the theoretical basis of these guidelines
• legal regulations of research
• committees of research ethics
(2) To be able to identify and analyse ethical problems raised by different kinds of research.

Norms of science and ethical norms in theory and practice. Good laboratory and clinical practice, Fraud in scientific research. Animal ethics. Application to Ethics Committee

Stefan Eriksson

Nina Carlsson
Course Administrator
Department of Public Health and Caring Sciences
018-471 62 48

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