Introduction to Teaching - Spring 2022, 1.5 hp

Method course
Kommittén för utbildning på forskarnivå
First meeting April 6th & 7th (09:00 - 16:00, absolutely mandatory); Second meeting May 11th (10 - 12 or 13-15, mandatory)
Zoom or at BMC
One week

The 1.5 credits course “Introduction to teaching” aims at providing new Ph.D. students and post-docs with basic knowledge and practical skills in teaching. The course is suited for Ph.D. students and post-docs with no or very little teaching experience. This course aims to instill confidence in the participants by focusing on practical issues pertinent to their upcoming teaching sessions. The course will mainly focus on how to handle lectures, seminars and laboratory sessions. The underlining pedagogical idea behind this course is a modified "flipped classroom"-approach. In other words, it is important for the course that you in preparation for the discussions and group work, that form the basis of the course, have read the material presented at the course home page in Studium (see below). In case of more applicants than space in the course, first year PhD-students will be prioritized.

Students who attend this course will gain:
• Knowledge about some rights and obligations for the studenters (Based on "Working conditions for Students"). Also Uppsala University’s pedagogic program (aka “Teaching and Learning at Uppsala University") will be introduced.
• Insight into various pedagogical techniques to facilitate and stimulate learning as well as active student participation
• Insight into reflective practice and relevant pedagogical research

The course outline:
1. Individual reading (approx. 1.5 days)
2. Work-shops discussing different teaching situations (2 days, mandatory on site)
3. Pair-wise observations in a lecture, seminar or laboratory session
4. Pair-wise writing of reflective report
5. Group discussion of observations and reflective reports (half-day, mandatory on site)

After deadline Mar 16th, participants will be registered in Studium and gain access to all material.
NOTE! If you cannot attend the course, the course leader has to be notified at the latest March 23rd. Otherwise the research group has to pay an administrative fee.

Full-time attendance of the course and completed written assignments. The first on-site session of the course is absolutely mandatory and essential for the pair-wise observations. As knowledge is created during group work, it is not possible to compensate for non-attendance, regardless of the reason.

Information about the literature is given in Studium

Ulf Holmbäck

Overall questions about the course:

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