Advanced cancer biology (3hp), 3 hp

Subject course
Femke Heindryckx
Medical Cell Biology
BMC, Husargatan 3
Box 571
2020-06-01 - 2020-06-05
5 days

The course in advanced cancer biology aims to give a concise overview of important topics in the field of tumor biology. The 5-day course will include both theoretical lectures on different aspects of tumor biology, including: the molecular basis of tumor biology, the tumor microenvironment, clinical oncology and advanced tumor research models. Students will develop skills in critical reading and presentation of relevant literature by attending journal clubs and case discussions. Special attention will be given to advanced models to study tumor cell behavior and to identify therapeutic targets, including 3D in vitro models, bio-printing and mathematical modelling. These topics will be covered via lectures and practical demonstrations in small groups. The course is aimed primarily at PhD students and fits with the research tracks “cancer” and “inflammation”. The course is also open to postdocs and researchers.

Credits: 3 hp (40 course hours + 15 hours preparation + 30 minutes presentation)

After the course, the students are expected to:
- Describe the molecular basis of cancer.
- Indicate the role of the tumor micro-environment in tumor progression.
- Outline basic clinical aspects of cancer.’
- Use advanced tumor-biology techniques (such as bio-printing and 3D in vitro models) via on-hands demonstrations.
- Summarize and discuss scientific literature in the field of tumor biology, specifically focusing on the above-mentioned topics
- Criticize and defend research findings in the field of tumor biology.

The course will cover the following topics:

Molecular and genetic basis of cancer
• Molecular basis of metastasis and invasion
• EMT and cancer stem cells
• Cancer genetics
• Drug resistance

The tumor microenvironment
• The fibrotic stroma
• Onco-immunology
• Angiogenesis in cancer

Advanced research models
• 3D printing and bio-printing
• Mathematical modelling to predict tumor behavior
• In vitro 3D models
• Metabolomics to identify cancer biomarkers

Clinical aspects of cancer research
• The role of Cancerfonden in supporting research
• Pharmacological treatment of cancer
• Radiology and imaging
• Drug discovery in cancer research

Research seminars
• Presentations from participating PhD-students and researchers

In addition to mandatory attendance during the course, the students are expected to prepare for journal clubs, give a presentation about their research and to actively participate in discussions.

To pass, attendance at lectures, oral presentation at the PhD research seminars, and active participation during journal clubs and seminars are required.

Relevant literature will be provided at the start of the course. This will be in the form of scientific publications and review articles.


Femke Heindryckx
Carlemi Calitz
Paul O´Callaghan
Laia Caja Puigsubira
Yumeng Mao
Stefan Engblom
Fredrik Rorsman
Helena Jernberg Wiklund
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Femke Heindryckx, PhD
Medical Cell Biology
Uppsala University
box 571
75123 Uppsala

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