Introduction to patch clamp electrophysiology

Method course
Alenka Gucek, Sebastian Barg
Medicinsk cellbiologi
BMC Box 571
75123 Uppsala
13-17/5 2019 (v20)

Electrophysiological techniques are one of the most challenging approaches to study current recordings in single cells. The 5-day course will include both theoretical lectures on different patch-clamp techniques, detailed seminars with technical information and hands-on experiments by the setup.

The course is aimed primarily at master and PhD students without previous patch-clamp experience but is also open to postdocs and researchers who would like to understand and learn a new technique.

- KNOWLEDGE: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of patch-clamp techniques and their application.

- COMPETENCE AND SKILLS: Acquire, analyze and interpret the patch-clamp measurements.

- Hands-on experience with path-clamp

- JUDGMENT AND APPROACH: demonstrate insight into possibilities and limitations of different patch-clamp technique

- Demonstrate oral communication, reflection and critical thinking when reading patch-clamp related literature

The course will cover theoretical lectures on introduction to patch clamp: history, background, and physics behind it and different techniques in patch clamp (amperometry, single channel recordings, and capacitance measurements). Seminars will cover technical details on importance of buffer content, pipette preparation, setup isolation, cell preparation and data analysis tools. Workshops will be designed so that students will have hand-on experience with the technique.

Teaching activities will include lectures, seminars and hands-on laboratory practice. The course merits 1.5 ECTS.

Compulsory attendance on all the lectures and active participation on workshops is required.

Relevant research articles and material will be distributed during the course. The material for the journal club seminar will be provided in advance.

Alenka Gucek, Sebastian Barg, Bryndis Birnir, invited speakers

Alenka Gucek

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