Applied methods in Causal Inference for Health Economic and Medical Research

Method course
Sophie Langenskiöld and Erik Grönqvist
Department of medical sciences
May 9-10, 16 and June 4
4 days

Guido Imbens, professor of Economics at Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, will hold the the course. He is renowned for developing methods for causal inferences using observational data. The course will cover recent topics in causal inference with a particular emphasis on using modern machine learning methods.
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To give an overview and understanding of recent developments in methods for causal inference. To provide skills and experience in applying methods for causal inference in practical research.
recent topics in causal inference with an emphasis on using modern machine learning methods.

The course consists of two parts. The first part consists of 8 lectures during Maj 9-10 2019 by Professor Guido Imbens, Stanford Graduate School of Business. The second part of the course consists of writing a term paper and applying methods discussed in class.
After the lectures students will write a 3-5-page (double spaced) term paper with a proposal for a potential research project were some of the methods for causal inference discussed class are applied. It is important that the term paper describes the causal question of interest, and how the question can be answered methodologically and with which real-world data set.
In order to help students in their work, two seminars will be organized. In a first seminar, about a week after the lectures, students will present and discuss topics for their term paper. In a second seminar, about 4 weeks after the lectures, the student will present and discuss their term papers. Sophie Langenskiöld and Erik Grönqvist will teach at the seminars and be examiners.

Hand in of a term-paper
Presentation of the term paper, and active participation, at the seminars.


Professor Guido Imbens, Stanford University
Sophie Langenskiöld
Erik Grönqvist

Eva Jacobsson,

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