Comparative Reproductive Endocrinology

Subject course
Theodora Kunovac Kallak
Department of Women’s and Children’s Health
Rudbecklaboratoriet R3 plan 1 Dag Hammarskjölds väg 20 752 37 Uppsala
Akademiska sjukhuset 751 85 UPPSALA
June 10 –14
Rudbeck Laboratory
5 days

The Centre for Reproductive Biology in Uppsala (CRU), together with the department of Women’s and Children’s Health, Uppsala University, arranges a postgraduate course in Comparative Reproductive Endocrinology

The course will include lectures, workshops, and group discussions. The subjects covered will be reproductive endocrinology in various species, both sexes, different developmental stages, and gestation. The course will also include hormones and hormone receptors, endocrine disruptors, and methodologies (including mass spectrometry and immunological assays). Comparative aspects of reproductive endocrinology in humans and animals are an important part of the course.

The aim of the course is to enhance the knowledge and understanding of reproductive endocrinology in vertebrate animals and humans

After completion of the course, the PhD-student should be able to:

Knowledge and understanding
• Explain basic control of reproductive endocrinology
• Describe basic endocrinology in female and male reproduction
• Describe different types of methods for hormone analyses including advantages and disadvantages

Skills and capacities
• Apply comparative aspects of reproductive endocrinology when planning and analyzing projects
• Plan a project within reproductive endocrinology

Evaluative capacity and approach
• Choose appropriate research methodologies and species for research projects within reproductive endocrinology.
• Critically evaluate and analyze other PhD-students research project presentations.

Preliminary schedule can be found here

The course gives 1.5 ECTS and corresponds to 5 working days. In addition to the 4 days of lectures, workshops, group discussions, and group presentation of fictive projects, the participants shall use 1 day to construct a fictive research project in groups.

Participants will work in groups to construct and present a fictive research project related to reproductive endocrinology for evaluation by senior researchers and other course participants. The research project must combine different research methodologies, comparative aspects and consider possible confounders and pitfalls. Successful completion of the course also requires active participation and 80 % attendance.

The literature consists of articles and handouts

Course leader
Theodora Kunovac Kallak,

Course administration
Agata Kostrzewa,

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