Call for applications for PhD student positions (positions in postgraduate programs)

Procedures to call for applications and select PhD students, as of July 1, 2007

  1. A postgraduate program group is established at each department, which could include the head of postgraduate programs at the department, a supervisor representative, and a student representative.
  2. The postgraduate program group proposes the creation of postgraduate positions to the department board or the head of the department when finances and projects allow for it, usually at the initiative of individual researchers.
  3. Advertising should be done locally (on the department website) and on the University website for available positions.
  4. This procedure is obligatory under local regulations and the Higher Education Ordinance, except in special circumstances, see below.
  5. The supervisor selects applicants to postgraduate programs in consultation with the department postgraduate program group. The department board approves the decision.
  6. Certification that the call for applications and selection procedures have been carried out as described above is given in connection with drawing up and signing the “Individual study plan for admission to postgraduate studies”.
  7. The postgraduate program committee admits the doctoral student.

Under the Higher Education Ordinance (Chapter 7 section 37) advertising is not necessary

  1. when admitting a doctoral student who is to complete the program as part of a position with an employer that is not a higher education institution,
  2. when admitting a doctoral student who has previously begun postgraduate studies at another higher education institution,
  3. if similar special circumstances are present.

Exceptions may be made, with reference to item 3 above, e.g. when admitting an individual with personal external funding, intended for postgraduate studies and secured in competition with others.

The admission ordinance for postgraduate programs at Uppsala University (AFUU in Swedish) shall apply for admissions to postgraduate programs beginning after June 30, 2007.