Annual follow-up and half-time seminar

The doctoral student and the supervisor must review the individual study plan annually.  Notation of progress in the postgraduate program must be entered in UPPDOK. The report is archived at the department. If changes are made, the revised study plan must be sent for approval to the Office of Medicine and Pharmacy, Box 256, 751 05 Uppsala.

Download the annual follow-up form

Half-time review

A half-time review shall be carried out midway through the program as part of monitoring the postgraduate studies. The doctoral student must write a brief report, it can be presented as one or more manuscripts/off-prints framed by a text of minimum 10 pages or as a monograph of minimum 30 pages. A research plan of no more than three pages for the remaining two years of work is to be appended to the report. All mandatory courses must be completed. The project report should be presented in the form of a project seminar.

The half-time review can be either in the form of a licentiate degree or in accordance with the guidelines above. As a rule this review should take place two years after registration or when the equivalent of two years of full-time work has been completed and at the very latest when two years of the period of study remain. The half-time review requirement applies to all doctoral students admitted to doctoral studies after January 1, 1999. The main supervisor appoints three experts, with no ties to the project, at least two of whom are associate professors (docent) and no more than one expert may represent the home department. The experts, together with the supervisor(s) and the doctoral student, should assess the project and its potential to lead to a doctoral degree. To provide the experts an opportunity to prepare their review of the project, it is recommended that published articles and final manuscripts, together with the above-mentioned summary, be sent out well in advance, at least two weeks.

The half-time review is documented in UPPDOK (Routine SA92) by the department. The original minutes from the approved half-time review must be sent to the Office of Medicine and Pharmacy, Box 256, 751 05 Uppsala.