Printing, announcement, publication

The Vice-Chancellor has decreed that all new doctoral dissertations at the University must be announced electronically and that the full framing text (summary) of a thesis by publication must be published on the Internet.

Electronic announcement of the defense must take place at least three weeks before the defense during the semester (fall: Sept. 1-Jan. 18, spring: Jan 19-June 7 (leap years, June 6)). Contact the unit for digital publishing at the University Library as soon as you have booked the time for your defense. Checklist and contact information is available at the University Library website.

Press release in Swedish

E-mail to Uppsala University’s press contact at the Division for Communication and External Relations. More information is available on the department’s website on press information.

Announcement in Läkartidningen

Send your announcement sheet to Carin Jacobsson at Läkartidningen. See the magazine website for contact information.

Thesis by publication – print edition and digital publication

Print edition of thesis by publication and digital publication of framing text. Under the June 7, 2002 faculty board decision, the following applies:

  • The framing text of a thesis by publication must be published digitally on the Uppsala University Web site.
  • At least 80 copies of the complete dissertation (the framing text and the compiled works) must be printed for distribution to the defense committee, examiner, Faculty, and to national and international institutions in accordance with the department mailing list.
  • The department shall distribute the complete printed dissertation and is responsible for the establishment of up-to-date mailing lists for the published dissertation.
  • The department shall establish e-mail lists for national and international distribution of information about the digitally published framing text.
  • The size of the edition to be sold through Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis is to be determined by the series editorial office under separate regulations.
  • This decision applies to all dissertations officially posted as of January 1, 2003.

Excerpt from Regulations regarding Studies at the Graduate Level at Uppsala University (FFUU):

Regulations regarding Studies at the Graduate Level at Uppsala University (FFUU).

  • Uppsala University hereby adopts the following additions and clarifications of certain provisions of the Higher Education Ordinance (HF).
  • Availability of the doctoral thesis, HF Chapter 6 section 41.
  • The Vice-Chancellor has decided to delegate the right to determine the time and place of the public defense to the chairperson of the faculty board. This decision must be made known at least three semester weeks before the public defense.
  • Presentation of the public defense in another location must be submitted to the postgraduate programs committee.
  • The doctoral dissertation must be available for at least three semester weeks before the public defense at the University Library in the number of copies necessary to make it possible to carry out a satisfactory review of the dissertation before the public defense. The dissertation must also be sent to every department in the country with research and graduate-level studies in the academic field that the subject of the dissertation belongs to, so that it is available there at least two weeks before the public defense.
  • A shorter period of availability may be granted by the chairperson of the faculty board only for extraordinary reasons.
  • Relevant sections of what is stated above about doctoral dissertations shall also apply to licentiate theses.