Licentiate seminar rules

In addition to what is stipulated in the Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 8, and in Uppsala University regulations, the following applies:


Upon completion of postgraduate education amounting to at least 120 higher education credits the postgraduate student may be awarded a licentiate degree. To receive a licentiate degree, postgraduate students must receive a passing grade on all examinations included in the program as well as a passing grade on a scholarly essay corresponding to at least 60 higher education credits. (Higher Education Ordinance, Chapter 8, Sections 2 and 14) The essay may be presented in the form of one or more manuscripts/off-prints and a framing text of 10–20 pages, or as a monograph of 30–50 pages.

All required coursework must be completed. Postgraduate students admitted to a licentiate degree program must apply for admission to a postgraduate program, latter half, to continue studies for the doctorate. This application must contain an individual study plan and research plan of no more than three pages for the remaining two years of work and be submitted to the postgraduate programs committee.

Application to be granted a licentiate degree must be considered at a regular session of the postgraduate programs committee no later than six weeks before the planned date of the seminar. A number of copies of the essay, as determined by the department, shall be made available at the department at least three weeks ahead of the planned examination.

Before they are made available at the department, essays at the Faculty of Pharmacy are to be provided with a number from the Faculty of Pharmacy series, Uppsala University. This number will be provided by the Department of Pharmacy.

The defense committee is to be appointed, consisting of three members, at least two of whom are associate or full professors. One of the members will chair the committee. No more than one member may represent the home department. The defense committee members, including the chair, are proposed by the head of department (after consultation with a representative of the research committee) and appointed by the postgraduate programs committee. The examination consists, in equal portions, of a seminar given by the doctoral student and a public discussion led by the chair of the defense committee. The grade of Pass or Fail is to be given following deliberation in the defense committee. The supervisor may participate in the deliberations but not in the decision. The minutes must be sent to the Office of the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy, Box 256, 751 05, Uppsala. The postgraduate student may request a diploma from the Graduation Office. Degrees granted are to be registered in UPPDOK by the department.

Half-time review

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Application for degree

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