Funding during postgraduate studies

Guidelines for funding

Reg. no. MEDFARM 2004/465. The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy Board decision June 8, 2005. This decision applies to postgraduate students admitted as of June 8, 2005. The decision has been amended with new rules as of July 1, 2010.

At the time of admission of the doctoral student, an individual study plan must be drawn up including details about funding for the duration as well as planned employment. Principal rule for the four years:

  • Year 1: Student grant or employment as doctoral student
  • Year 2: Employment as doctoral student (Vice-Chancellor decision 2010-06-08, reg. no. UFV 2010/717 and the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy Board decision 2010-01-28 reg. no. MEDFARM 2009/1308)
  • Year 3: Employment as doctoral student
  • Year 4: Employment as doctoral student

The student grant and employment as a doctoral student may be combined with a 20-percent position as an assistant during the entire period of study. This means that the total period of study, including the time as assistant, will be a maximum of five years, which is regulated in the individual study plan. The above principal rules applies to all doctoral students at the Faculty of Pharmacy, preclinical doctoral students at the Faculty of Medicine, and doctoral students at clinical departments who do not have clinical employment.


In exceptional situations a stipend may be used, but the faculty board recommends that this option be used sparingly. The minimum level of the stipend shall be the same as the student allowance (doctoral student position the last three years) after tax. The supervisor is responsible for supplementing the stipend level as needed so that it is equivalent to the student grant (doctoral student position the last three years) after tax. The supervisor is also responsible for ensuring that the doctoral student has full insurance coverage throughout the period of study (see personnel department website). The stipend may be used in cases such as when (foreign) doctoral students received a stipend (from their home country or from an aid organization) intended to pay for the doctoral student’s entire postgraduate education. When admitting a doctoral student whose education is financed by stipend the postgraduate programs committee must ensure on a case-by-case basis that the stipend level is reasonable.

Doctoral students with clinical employment

Doctoral students who have clinical employment are exempt from the principal rule. Upon admission of such doctoral students an agreement must be prepared that is signed by the supervisor, department head, clinic administrator, and doctoral student. This agreement must state the time during which the clinical postgraduate student annually is free from clinical practice to be able to conduct research on a full-time or part-time basis. In addition, the faculty board recommends that during the last two years of the dissertation project these doctoral students are offered six months per year for research and compilation of the dissertation.

Study grants for doctoral students

Chapter 5 of the Ordinance on study grants for postgraduate (third-cycle) students (SFS 1995:938) regulates employment as a doctoral candidate, etc. with study grants. Additional information to the person who received a doctoral studentship, student grant, or employment as an assistant linked to the study grant is available on the personnel department website. Extensions of the study grant and employment of doctoral students for doctoral students with positions of trust are regulated in the dean's decision UFV 2006/1028.