Electronic forms


  • Use the Joint Web Login to access the Electronic forms. 
  • To submit an application prior to admission you need to obtain authorisation from the department were you will matriculate. Please contact the administrator at the department.
  • The Electronic forms have dialogue boxes that explain how the forms are to be filled out.
  • You can save your progress at any time and return to continue with the application.
  • Pressing “Send” dispatches the application to your main supervisor.
  • After your main supervisor has approved the application, it is delivered to the Head of Department or Head of Research Training Committee at your department. Ensure that the correct recipient is listed.
  • Your supervisor or head of department can authorise revisions to the application after submission. To do this use the “Reject” option which returns the application to you.

Application for research training

Application for licentiate seminar

Application for public defence



Certificate / Authorisation from managing director (County Employees)


Changes in the Individual study plan

Yearly monitoring

Completed half-time seminar


Requisition for course funds

Licentiate Seminar

Instructions examining committee licentiate seminar

Protocol examining committee licentiate seminar

Public Defence

Report card PhD student

Instructions examining committee

Protocol examining committee

Guidelines for external reviewer

Protocol Public Defence

Degree application

Degree form

Discontinuation of research training

Application for discontinued studies